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About Us

Inspiring Professional Learning for Teachers, Teams & Schools

Based in Istanbul, LEAD has been a leading provider of professional development for educators since 2011, offering teachers and schools the highest-quality resources, training programs, workshops, and custom-tailored solutions to ensure the best education possible for our 21st Century students.

We believe that strong schools are the foundation of strong communities and we work tirelessly to inspire continuous learning, build open communication systems, and promote effective collaboration among teachers, administrators, students, and the community...learning together.

We provide professional development seminars with top educators from Turkey and abroad, education consulting that facilitates sustainable change and fosters collaborative school cultures, and practical resources for teachers from the leading minds in education.


Our Values

  • Uncompromising Quality – we believe that everything we do is a reflection of us and there is no such thing as a draft

  • Insatiable Curiosity – we ask a lot of questions because we are consummate students, and our goal is to turn information into knowledge, knowledge into wisdom

  • Open & Honest Communication – coordinated action begins with timely, relevant, consistent information, shared with all involved; we say what needs to be said so barriers can be removed quickly and progress can be made efficiently

  • Tireless Focus – when we set our sights on a goal, we work hard to ensure we reach it 

  • Personal Attention – we love you; and we want to see you succeed as much as you do




We are accomplished teachers with expertise in international school management and capacity building, strategic planning and implementation, research and evaluation, and professional development from classroom strategies and communications to leadership development, observation and instructional coaching.

We are a local resource for schools in Turkey, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East—because Istanbul is our home, we have an unparalleled cultural understanding and intimacy with the challenges facing local and international teachers and schools. Plus, we are able to offer comparatively better service and more personalized support since we are just a short drive or flight away from schools in the region.

We have strong partnerships with international organizations that provide deeper support and additional resources for our clients—from the latest books and online courses to continuing education and post-graduate degrees.

The value in working with any partner is in how they manage the change process that teachers, teams, and school leaders undertake—learning along the way how to better engage and motivate; communicate and collaborate; observe and evaluate; develop, coach, and learn— together.