Master of Education FAQ

Can I complete the degree entirely online? What are the advantages of joining the hybrid classes?

You may complete the EDS Masters Degree program entirely online if you choose. The main advantages of joining the hybrid classes are:

  1. You get to meet and work directly with the others in your cohort, as well as your professor in that course, so when you're completing the remainder of the coursework from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, you know the others in the class are more than just an online profile
  2. You can complete the required coursework for the summer courses in one week less, since you have more contact hours during the face-to-face portion of the courses
  3. You get to enjoy the history and beauty of Istanbul in the summer time


How long does the program take? Can I complete it quickly or take my time?

If you take two courses each semester and two during the summer, you can complete the degree in 18 months. We had one member of our first cohort complete the entire program successfully in just 14 months while many other have taken from 20 to 26 months. However, there is no requirement or time limit. Because the courses are designed to accommodate working teachers, they are sensitive to the demands of real life and can be fit into busy schedules, but do require the commitment to be actively involved in class discussions each week, along with regular reading, research, and academic writing.


What is the total cost to complete the degree?

To fulfill the degree requirements, you must successfully complete 10 courses for a total of 30 graduate credits, 5 from Wilkes University and 5 from PLS 3rd Learning. Payment is made at the time of enrollment for each course you take and, as of May 2015, the cost for each 3-credit course from Wilkes University is $1314 and those from PLS 3rd Learning are $870 each.

Course fees are generally adjusted each year so the cost for each course can be expected to increase a small amount by next summer. At the current rates, you might expect to pay an approximate total of $12,000, depending on the courses you take, associated administrative fees and the cost of course books.


Is this a rigorous program? Is there a thesis requirement to graduate?

Yes, the program is rigorous. The online courses follow the same syllabus and must meet the same academic standard as the courses being delivered live at Wilkes University and online with the PLS 3rd Learning professors. In most courses, you will also interact with teachers from outside your cohort, including many working within the United States or abroad.

There is no thesis required at the end of the program. Once you successfully complete all 10 courses and earn 30 credits, you will receive a Bachelor's of Science in Educational Development & Strategies from Wilkes University, a fully accredited US university founded in 1933.


Is this program approved by YÖK?

No, the EDS Masters Degree program is an international program designed specifically for teachers who are working in international school context and would benefit from engagement with the latest innovations and issues in education from this perspective. As such, while the degree can be completed completely online, it is equivalent to going to the U.S. to attend a graduate school for your education.

Many of the teachers who have joined the program have found this to be an advantage as well, since completion of the degree program can bring greater career options in the future. Finally, upon completion of the degree, you may continue on to join our hybrid Educational Doctorate (Ed.D.) program, anticipated to begin in 2017.


Who can join this program?

This program is open to anyone who had a BA or BSc, or the equivalent, from an accredited university anywhere in the world. While it is designed for working teachers, it is open to those interested in making a change in their career to become teachers in an international school.


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