For teachers who want to:

Establish clear procedures and practices for effective classroom operation and managing student behavior

Build a classroom culture that supports high levels of achievement

Create an enriched environment that promotes student-centered learning and interaction





Module One

Part 1: From Management to Leadership

Establish specific procedures for the effective leadership and operation of the classroom; facilitate effective transitions and interaction among students in various group formations.

Framework Alignment: Danielson 2C, Marzano 1.6,
EAQUALS Lesson Management

Part 2: Planning Student-Driven Learning

Evaluate the elements of cultural competence in the educational context of the classroom; explore multiple pathways for learning based on student strengths, challenges, and learning preferences.

Framework Alignment: Danielson 1B Marzano 1.8,
EAQUALS Learner Needs & Learning Processes


 Module Two

Part 1: Organizing & Using Learning Resources

Discover the essential elements and importance of using resources in the classroom; identify and categorize various types of educational resources; investigate pedagogic, content area, and grade-level specific resources.

Framework Alignment: Danielson 1D, Marzano 2.2,
EAQUALS Tasks, Activities & Materials

Part 2: Designing Student-Centered Learning Environments

Construct an organized physical space and enriched environment; utilize the arrangement of furniture and physical space to support instructional goals

Framework Alignment: Danielson 2E, Marzano 1.6,
EAQUALS Learning Centered-Classroom


Module Three

Part 1: Building a Positive Classroom Culture

Establish a culture for learning at higher levels of performance; recognize the factors that contribute to a learner’s belief in their own ability; and develop self-directed learners who utilize strategies to enhance performance and success.

Framework Alignment: Danielson 2B, Marzano 1.9,
EAQUALS Learner Autonomy / Giving Sound Language Models and Guidance

Part 2: Growing Student Self-Discipline

Maintain an environment for learning by establishing rules and managing student behavior through the development of proactive and responsive practices.

Framework Alignment: Danielson 2D, Marzano 1.7,
EAQUALS Monitoring Learning



15 Hours Face-to-Face + 15 Hours Online

Join a cohort of teachers in the 3 Modules totaling 15 hours of facilitated professional learning workshops over the course of three full days.

Work alongside the same teachers following each module in 15 hours of study, reflection, and discussion in our online LMS around the concepts learned in class and Designing Effective Classroom Management from Marzano Research.


Your copy of Designing Effective Classroom Management is included FREE with your program registration (a 75 TL value).