International Partners

LEAD|Turkey has grown along side our domestic and international partners since our start in 2011. Time and again, these organizations and all the wonderful people within them have demonstrated that their commitment to our success is as great as our commitment to yours.

We all believe in the power of a good education and the importance of great teachers. We have become part of a professional learning community on a global scale, reaching classrooms from Istanbul to Toronto, Ankara to Aukland.

Together, we’re facilitating a dialogue that strengthens teacher effectiveness and increases student achievement, across borders and through language barriers. We share the same passion, the same drive, the same goal…learning together.


floating-logos-single-pls3lPLS 3rd Learning

PLS 3rd Learning is proud to partner with LEAD | Turkey in our shared goal of meeting the Professional Development needs of 21st century educators. We support this goal through the creation and presentation of innovative Professional Development and graduate courses rooted in sound educational theory and best practices. PLS 3rd Learning services also include the conceptualization and development of customizable, integrated Web-based systems and instructional resources, helping to advance teaching and learning worldwide.


Solution Tree

Solution Tree is a leading provider of educational strategies and tools that improve staff and student performance. For more than 20 years, Solution Tree resources have helped K–12 teachers and administrators create schools where all children succeed. Solution Tree is based in Bloomington, IN in the USA and works with educators around the world to provide in-demand events, inspired professional development services, and innovative publishing from the leading authorities in education.


Wilkes University

Wilkes University is one of the largest private providers of graduate education to teachers in the eastern United States. Wilkes offers a variety of innovative and practical master's degree programs in education, a doctor of education degree and several letter of endorsement programs. Wilkes has a strong international presence, offering the doctor of education degree in Oman and enrolling students from around the world. Wilkes was recently recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the fastest growing universities in the U.S.


Marzano Research

Marzano Research is a joint venture between Robert J. Marzano and Solution Tree. Marzano Research combines Dr. Marzano’s 40 years of educational research with continuous action research in all major areas of schooling in order to provide effective and accessible instructional strategies, leadership strategies, and classroom assessment strategies that are always at the forefront of best practice. By providing an all-inclusive research-into-practice resource center, Marzano Research provides teachers and school leaders with the tools they need to effect profound improvement in student achievement.