Discover Your Style

Discover the 12 Individual Learning Styles and Personality temperaments of students, teachers, and professionals. The Kaleidoscope Profile is available in four different versions and offered online in English and Turkish, exclusively through LEAD|Turkey.


How you learn best:

• Visual
• Auditory
• Tactual
• Kinesthetic


How you like to work:

• Global
• Sequential



How you view the world:       

• Abstract
• Concrete


Who you are:

• Intuitive Feeling
• Intuitive Thinking
• Sensing Judging
• Sensing Perceiving


Based on more than 80 years of research and proven effective for more than 20 years, the Kaleidoscope Profile is one of the oldest and most widely-used learning styles inventory in the US, used by more than a million students and educators, you can:

  • Improve classroom presentations.
  • Develop more effective relationships with individual students.
  • Help parents work more effectively with their children.
  • Gauge appropriateness of individual assignments.
  • Motivate students according to their interests.
  • Create an overview of a classroom or school.
  • Tailor classroom management techniques to individual students.


With knowledge of the various learning styles in your classroom you will have the power to design interactive lesson plans that will create a motivating and interesting learning environment. Matching teaching and learning styles will improve your students performance. Educators can use their knowledge of learning styles to develop effective classroom management skills and open a meaningful dialogue with parents. Educators also enjoy increased professionalism and confidence. Improved communication with colleagues will help educators discover the power of working in teams.


Gain a new understanding of your school's faculty and environment, resulting in improved conflict management, interviewing, hiring and placement. Assembling more effective teams and improving communications among team members creates a more efficient and successful school environment.


Gain an understanding of how your child learns and help them be successful - provide more effective help with their homework and understand how to better communicate with, understand and motivate them.