Professional Development Programs for Teachers and Teams

For professional development to be effective, it has to fit within the limited time teachers have available, provide clear direction for the change and inspire further exploration through ongoing coaching, support and access to high-quality  resources. All of our our short courses for teachers and teams can be customized to fit within available time constraints - from a 2-day workshop to a 1-hour keynote and everything in between.

Modular programs are designed in three levels - literacy, fluency, and mastery - and allow time between full-day sessions for on-the-job implementation, research and reflection. At the literacy level, participating teachers gain an understanding of the broad concepts and specific skills determined to be essential to strong foundational learning. Fluency, the next level, means moving conscious practice to higher order thinking through applied learning and action research, reflecting on teaching and leadership practices that drive change. Mastery comes through direct observation, coaching and feedback of practice - focusing talent and skill toward affecting real, sustainable change in the classroom, on the leadership team and throughout the school.


inspiring professional learning for teachers

Exchange meaningful ideas, practice new skills, improve instructional outcomes, and focus on what matters most . . . learning.



inspiring professional learning for teams

Success means knowing how to work together productively, manage conflict, communicate clearly, and collaborate effectively. We can help.


inspiring professional learning for schools

Our institutional solutions help school leaders manage change, build capacity, and increase harmony among teachers and teams.