Seminar & Workshop Topics

The following interactive workshops can be delivered in short 60- to 90-minute sessions - ideal for when you have limited time or as part of a professional development conference.


General Education Seminars & Workshops

21st Century Skills: Introduction to the 4Cs

Active Learning and Learner-Centered Practice

Building an Intentional School Culture

Classroom Management Fundamentals

Dispositions of an Effective Teacher

Elements of an Effective Lesson: Planning Fundamentals

Emotional Intelligence in Education

Facilitation Skills

Goal-Setting and Action Planning for Teachers

Introduction to Assessment-For-Learning

Introduction to Personalized and Individualized Learning

Learner Autonomy and Independent Learning

Learning Styles in the Classroom

Mindfulness: Using the Science of Learning to Improve the Art of Teaching

Peer-Observation and Instructional Coaching Fundamentals

Practical Classroom Differentiation Strategies

Presentation Skills

Project-Based Learning (PBL) in the Classroom

Task-Based Learning (TBL) in the Classroom

Technology and Digital Literacy for Teachers

Teacher Leadership in School

Teaching & Learning Creativity

Team Building & Collaborative Communication

The Power of Teacher Belief & Student Motivation

What's New: Recent Developments in Education


ELT-Specific Seminars & Workshops

Curriculum and Assessment Literacy

Differentiation in Mixed Ability Classrooms

EAP – Academic Writing

EAP – Introduction to Best Practices

EAP – Note-Taking (Listening and Reading)

Flipped Learning in the ELT Classroom

Fun Activities and Games in the ELT Classroom

Reading Skills in the ELT Classroom

Speaking Skills in the ELT Classroom

Teacher Learning and CPD

Teaching Grammar...Effectively

Teaching Large Classes

Teaching Vocabulary...Lexically

Textbook Adaptation and Material Development

The Science of Language Learning

Using the CEFR and Global Scale of English

What's New in ELT

Writing Skills in the ELT Classroom