We know just how precious time is, so our professional development programs are designed to help teachers exchange meaningful ideas, practice new skills, and improve on their instruction so they can focus on what matters most . . . learning.

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Motivation and Character Building

In this session, we explore the roots of 21st Century Skills and the ways teachers can structure student work inside and outside the classroom to better appeal to the attitudes, behaviors and expectations today’s students share in common. Participants take away strategies for personalization, collaboration and innovation in the classroom that build stronger relationships with and among students and develop character attributes critical for lifelong success and personal achievement.


Managing the Human Side of Change

As the pace of change quickens, how can we create stability and success amidst the chaos? Organizations, no matter their size or purpose, are ultimately comprised of individuals and, as things change, it is on the shoulders of individuals to manage change successfully. Providing the structures, communication systems, and guidance through change is the responsibility of the leadership, but what can one person do to come through the change stronger? In this session, we focus on the human side of change and how every teacher can equip themselves to become more resilient to change from the outside, drive personal change, and support each other throughout the change process.


Personalizing Learning in a Blended Environment

Today’s students have access to more information at their fingertips than any generation prior. For learning to be effective for today’s students, teachers must make use of the technologies and instructional strategies that can help this next generation of students achieve. More than ever, understanding the strengths, needs, interests and learning styles of students is critical to giving every one of them opportunities for success.

In this program, we present strategies and tools for taking steps toward personalized learning in a blending classroom environment—working with the teachers on encouraging student ownership of the learning process by increasing instructional rotation and flexibility. Teachers leave with practical tools for reflecting on their current practice through the lens of personalized learning paths, and a framework for increasing student achievement through connection to resources and technologies that appeal to learners of all levels and preferences.


Demystifying 21st Century Skills

Change is inevitable and seems to be accelerating. Teachers the world over are seeking new and innovative ways to motivate and engage their students through the use of innovative learning strategies and incorporating emerging technologies inside and outside of the classroom – but what works? Looking at the reality of the world today and visions of our possible future, this workshop looks at the common threads of research and philosophy around 21st Century education in an attempt to cut through the confusion—empowering educators to help their students learn and prepare them for the unpredictable future.


The Power of Effective Feedback

This workshop provides an introduction and overview of assessment of / for / as learning – exploring the link between effective student feedback and achievement, providing tools to design and teach learning goals and objectives that engage students in managing their own learning process. This program then focuses participants on separating observation and interpretation as the focus of effective feedback, how to give feedback that rewards and motivates desired student behaviors, culminating with the use of peer observation and instructional coaching to reinforce learning and change instructional practices to improve student feedback.


Learning Styles & Practical Differentiation

Improve individual student outcomes through an understanding of brain-based differentiation and instructional methods that support all learning styles. Increase teacher effectiveness through understanding. This essential program removes the mystery and provides real-world strategies for today's classroom.


Communication Skills

This immersive course helps participating teachers and administrators understand and employ appropriate communication tools and tactics in their daily communication. From giving direction to sharing information to making formal presentations, participants take part in activities designed to put into practice techniques for improving personal communication with teams and individuals, as well as honing listening skills, to ensure clear and effective communication.


Educational Technology and Digital Literacy

Creativity, Engagement & the Learner-Centered Classroom